Farewell Edinburgh.

As I sit  here the night before I leave for New York and start my blog to chronicle my time in  Wahington D.C . I feel before I start this new chapter, I should reflect on the past. I’ve been meaning to do this for a while, on several different things. May as well kill two birds with one stone.This is long and I will try to keep my future posts far more entertaining, a lot less soppy, shorter and a bit more colourful, but for now I want to get this out my system! (read at your own inqusitive peril).

So to start with I best mention some of the changes from this year.  There have been some amazing highs and some crushing lows, I realised I wasn’t happy with the degree I was in at university. It took me 2 years of and a summer school to realise i just cant deal with maths anymore no matter how much I love “Computer Science” and after seeking advice and help from friends and the lovely “HW support staff”, decided Information systems would be a great change and pobably what I should have done from the beginning and infact Probably better suited to a mind like mine. In all honesty, I miss writing essays, and genuinely dont want to become a programmer after universty. It’s hard to admit your not coping with something, but I think sometimes thats the braver, smarter decision. Far too many people would be depending on me to be a core programmer on the 3rd year project as a CS student. Luckily I can take my experience and knowledge from CS and apply it to IS to give me a bit of an edge.

After losing my grandfather at christmas, a man I considered something akin to a father in the terms of how much time i spent with him from pretty much the day I was born. All he ever said was try your best and be happy, I have tried my best, It’s time to move on and be happy, and I dont think i realised how miserable I was with my degree until I realised i didnt need to be able to do log functions and shaking hand lemmas!

Next student politics, I won’t make this long because most of you hear me go on about this enough as it is. Simply put, I got involved as a class rep, then the paid position of school officer. Had a phenomenal 5 months being a halls laison/freshers helper coaching and leading and influencing some amazing people in the great halls that are “ROBIN SMITH 2010/11”. I have major respect and love for that lot and though we came 2nd i truly believe we won battle of the halls.  Next there were the marches in london and the buzz and enthusiasm of the campaign trail around the HW elections, Up until a few weeks before the elections I had serously considered jacking in the union involvement, but some wise words from a friend set me straight, put my mind on the right track and made me realised doing THIS (student politics) was the happiest I had been all year! I owe that man a thousand thanks for some very simple words “Sometimes its the responsibility of a few to deal with the needs of many…to make a difference”. He was 100% right and Im glad I am part of NUS, I have met some astonishing hardworking intelligent and downright brilliant people, young people destined for greater things than me and just the chance to meet, chat learn and banter with these people has been a wealth of experience for me that i can hopefully apply to my time as EXECUTIVE at heriot watt. On the exec note I just want to add that even with me going away I still  will be working with  the sabbs and staff at HW throughout the summer and I’ll be back helping out at freshers week the minute i land on the 8th! without a doubt!!! I have such a great feeling for what we can achieve this year at our union.

I owe every one a thanks, There are FAR too many people to thank, and i mean that, If i started I would still be listing of names and would miss my flight. To put it simply, or into groups some would say.  The friends from university/HW union and NUS your support in getting involved with student politics plus all the advice and encouragement as well as making me realise just how much passion and love I have for this. Then of course there is my family (especially my mother) who without a doubt has been a COMPLETE pain EVERY step of the way this last year from degree changing to how much underwear I need for this trip, of course what I actually mean is shes been a phenomenal support from sorting out my cashline card to packing my case (dont tell customs!!!) and cooking me dinner because I have cleared out my fridge! I owe her way too much to even start thanking her for. Fianlly there are all the random friends I have wether it be from my various jobs over the years  (GAME, BABW and City Limits) or those people who I just decided to start talking to and they never quite figured out how to get rid of me! Pretty much ANYONE who has had any contact with me in the last 6 months has offered me the most astounding, humbling encouragement and support. I cannot express how amazing that feeling is, how overwhelming and uplifiting that is, wether that support has been emotional, financial or just a simple “bugger off and enjoy yourself already”. (someone actually did say that!). I will miss everyone lots, and of course we are all so connected with facebook and this blog (please leave comments so i know SOMEONE is reading this.) that nobody is really gone but everything will be different, not working in retail, not popping into my local for a quick drink and catch up,  no random nights out with the guys and no 4am chats with the besty when we both had a shit day. This trip will be worth it, it will be life changing and I’ll come bak so much better for it. doesnt mean there isn’t a part inside me thats just a bit sad.

So I think I have said everything I wanted to reflect on. I am about to leave the city I have spent my entire (short) life in. Everything I have ever done has been here, my best friend who I live with, my family, first flat, first school, first girlfriend , university job(s) and all my love for Edinburgh, the vibrance, the passion, the people, the fringe. So much love for this place. I’ll make sure that everyone I meet knows how amazing this place is.

I want to try and finish with a quote, in fact this quote is my favourite pertaining to Edinburgh, sums up exactly how i feel about it I shall leave you with this and that I wish everyone the best, and I will be taking a memory of all of you with me.

“This is a city of shifting light, of changing skies, of sudden vistas. A city so beautiful it breaks the heart again and again.”

Quote about Edinburgh, Alexander Mcall Smith, 2006

I will see you all for the welcome back party 😉


Conor Murray-Gauld


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  2. Will read ^^

  3. Good first post, I obviously deserved more of a mention tbf but good stufff anyway. Keep us updated of the stuff you get up to.

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