Safe and sound.

So just a quick post, I have some photos to upload to “chronicle” and make this post look pretty but the cables are in my case so you will all just have to use your imagination for the plane and for those of you who cant… (looks a bit like this)

All I can say about my short time in states and my first impression, is the sheer scale. Flying over new jersey and seeing thousands of holiday homes in the suburbs with massive gardens and pools that you could see even from the plane! we drove for 40 minutes and must have passed over a hundred BIG chain stores, and we have only moved a fraction across the city!!

Went into the local target to be dumbfounded again by scale, looking for suntan lotion because it is HOT over here, scared a few of the locals with the accent, but they were helpful and giggled away they had met a “Scotch”. *facepalm*

5 45 am flight tomorrow luckily i snoozed on the plane so not so fussed about hitting the hay., however I have gained 5 hours ( a rather odd sensation). Especially when I have just finished a chat with the rest of my campers flying from heathrow and its 9pm back home :S.

overall a top day, excited for arriving tomorrow, I am armed with shortbread in a “kilt clad scottish biscuit tin” a big bottle of edinburgh whiskey and found my clans pin “Macdonald of the isles” at the airport so i picked one up to give to my host family a piece of my family history :). I just want to meet my family and find out if im staying with some american councillors, or on my own or with the other brit councillors. suspense is been bugging me for WEEEEEEKKKSSSS!!!

one final note i have met such an amazing bunch of people from all over the UK and even a few from New Zealand today alone. This week is the last week of flights so its mostly stragglers and the hotel is nice but relatively quiet!!


“There is great meaning in life for those who are willing to journey.”
quote by Jim England

Conor Murray-Gauld


~ by conorstrife on June 16, 2011.

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