Camp songs, Good food and a lot of laughs.

Apologies for the severe lack of posts, this week has just been non stop.

pretty much every day was a 9 till 5 training on camp expectations, child abuse prevention, paper work, manual labour to prep the center for next week, teaching us little games and songs to keep the kids occupied and of course meeting all the other councillors and trying to bond with them before the madness next week starts.

Dont get me wrong, this week as been hard work, but its been a complete laugh from start to finish, Iv always been one to do what i want regardless of other people think but with this cutting loose and losingyour inhibitions is KEY. If your not willing to throw yourself fully into it, neither will the kids. im LOVING IT!

So camp starts monday and for the first two weeks its alloa theme, with lots of activities and swimming every day! I am a little terrified about watching 10 peoples kids for 9 hours but im sure il manage, theres actually loads of us in traditional camp and we all get on well.

our host has to be praised for his hospitality, taking us out to national harbour last night.

We were at this beautiful mexican restraunt where they made guac right in front of us!! Maxi seems to go there every friday like a “friday night chill out tradition” they know the manager well, we got free stuff and extras that aret even on the menu, which was well cool. I tried some crazy paprika and pineapple shrimp thing. I know i know, me eating seafood?

well it was free and probably my only chance to try it but DAMN was it good! so after a stunning meal and a walk back to the cars we drove back and watched a dvd then i crashed! I am gutted i never brought my camera last ight but they do go there often so I will get some photos next week! to wake up to my FIRST day off !!! feels greta after that week of craziness. Iv already made a bunch of friends and im gonna go off, explore DC. get a mobile phone, and then get some photos today 😀

Im starting to tan up people! im not coming back pasty, either playing basketball or the gym everyday, or both. and trying to eat healthy though its damn hard at times, Im feeling fantastic

mind body and soul all feel like there in the right place and im even sleeping regular hours and waking up feeling fine.

now if i can just tones up and lose some weight it will all be grand. i am living witha gymaholic and will be running around all day. for the forst few weeks im gonna have to leave with maxi and be at work for 7 even though i dont start till 9, so looks like i have a perfect excuse to gym everyday!! 😀

anyway guys, I do miss a few people but not feeling home sick, i am loving the fact im getting to do my own thing today, Love a bit of independant exploration!!!

lots of love ! 🙂



~ by conorstrife on June 25, 2011.

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