“Im on my gap yah” attempt two.

So I tried to post this a last night but bit of an internet/computer failure. Lets try it again.
Well first thing i have to say is this is the hardest, most tiring intense jobs i have ever had. To anyone who has ever worked in Build A Bear and is reading this the only way i can describe it is imagine doing a 9 hour party with over 20 kids that don’t know each other, add in food, sports and arts and crafts on a tight schedule. However, I love it, without a doubt this is still an amazing experience and its not all sunshine and rainbows. The kids aren’t always on their best behaviour, but hey there kids and i knew what i was signing up for, right? I have to admit i have a few favourites, some of the kids are awesome!

I have some new things to check of my “things to do in America list”. Celebrate 4th of july. Im not kidding we were right under the fireworks and sitting next to the Washington monument, one of the prettiest sights I have ever seen. Did not dig the sweltering train ride back was packed! I also wore full kilt and uniform. Made some friends got some photos and had to listen to lots of “I have Scottish family do you know the (enter clan name here)” I think they are under the impression Scotland still looks like it did back when we lived in huts!

I have to admit, I am missing the odd person. But this is worth it, this hopefully is gonna have me coming back not a new person, But a better person, working on my weaknesses and learning my strengths, a new body, a healthier mind and ready to start this new degree….and I am working on a game plan fo everything i want to deal with when i come back. Whether thats freshers helper,NUS, where i want to go with my job or how to spend my time better socially and taking my position as executive of education seriously as I do have big issues on the horizon with the Scottish government i will have to deal with.

On a positive I met some lovely people after the fireworks, 3 non identical triplets from England no less on their “Gap yah”! We got chatting (because i wasn’t dressed like an American). I owe these guys a HUGE thank you. Really enjoyed there company and just was a nice change, really gave me that feeling i was away travelling by just meeting randoms and getting to know them. Bit gutted they have moved on to Chicago, im going to hold them to that offer to come see them. If your reading this Bethany, Eloise, and Giles, I expect to see you again and best of luck on the travels.

oh and also i took tons of photos at the free DC ZOO. Think im becoming a shutterbug. I love how all the events and places in DC are pretty much free (well paid by taxes) im saving a fortune and have something to do guanteed even if im skint!!

also off to the beach for watersports in a few weeks to stay for the weekend 🙂

Peace out guys. Much love and keep safe.


~ by conorstrife on July 8, 2011.

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