It has been a while…

…oh hey… sorry it has been so long …I kinda forgot all about you blog…I know but i have just had such a busy schedule. It’s not you it’s me! what? of course I enjoy posting through you, but I have just been so busy with work…. let me make it up to you? I am here now aren’t I?

so yeah this is the conversation i imagined i would have with a upset and angry blog if it had feelings….like some sort of twisted and strange relationship… That It saw me as some sort of distant partner that had abandoned it, devoid of love and posts for weeks on end.

Sometimes I wonder where i get these ideas from…then I just think back to all the books and video games I plaed as a kid…most probably the simplest explanation for my odd thoughts.

Anyway! enough of the psychoanlysis! what has been happening stateside I hear you shout from the edge of your seat…all 12 of the people who read this blog!

Well the simple answer LOTS. I went on a beautiful evening tour of D.C two fridays ago, it was a long history tour of D.C along with stunning views including the sunset from the jefferson memorial I kid you not one of the most breathtaking moments of the whole trip.

The D.C sunset

I left my heart in D.C

I also met a wonderful family from chicago on the same trolley tour who kept me company throughout the tour, They were just simply the friendliest bunch of people who helped me out by taking some of my photos for me so i could get in some of the shots! (so a very warm and deep thank you from me to you guys!!).

The next day me and the rest fo the international councillors got up early to head to ocean city for a wonderful two days at the beach. After a 3 hour drive we spent a long afternoon in the sun lunch, beers, games on the beach as well as some time in the water and a good bit of tanning!(I have now gone a pretty shade of brown all over and only got a little sunburnt the second day!).

We got back to the hotel went for dinner, partyed at the hotel bar before failing to get into any clubs in OC. But that didnt ruin our night oh no, back to the hotel bar and partyed on until very late in the morning :).

I fell asleep on a chair with one foot on the AC and the other on the edge of the bed! 7 of us guys in a room built for 2! haha all i can say is it was a smart idea for me to pretty much sleep the whole time we travelled there and back because that was NOT a proper sleep!

I have went darker since this photo was taken but I do have a bit of colour in this photo!

reach for the stars....

This week hasn’t had to much excitement in it, I made a new friend called Anna, she is a member at the Y and invited me along to see her in the “wizard of oz” which was a nice way to spend a friday evening! It was nice to make a friend that I dont work with, It gives you that removal from the job. There have been instances of people at the Y seeming to know everyone elses business, I dont like that. I try very hard to keep all parts of my life seperate, I don’t want my boss at GAME to know what i get up to on nights out, Or my students I represent at NUS events to know everything about me that has no bearing on my capabilities of performing my job. Therefo its nice to have some removal from the job and space. Someone I can talk to without it affecting anything at work.

I do love it here, this city is stunning and genuinely could see myself living here maybe 5/10 years down the line. It is a beautiful place to raise a family, with the weather and community feel. You can be so much more spontaneous and do random things over here, you can be friendly with your neighbours, ok I live in a relatively well off neighbourhood but even in some of the worse of places people are having barbeques, they all know each other, always willing to help. That agression and fear that you see back home in bars, and in my own home town where you dont want to talk to strangers because well there so much trouble…it just doesnt seem to be here, of course america has its faults but I have most def fallen in love with this place, It reminds me of home with its fusion of old and new, Its city and country parts, its bustling night life and passionate politics mixed with stunning sights and friendly neighbourhoods.

Im so lucky that I got here, and the fact so many people helped me get here makes me feel very humbled indeed, I am tring to enjoy it as much as possible just for that reason alone, for everyone who helped! I do miss people, This is a completely different lifestyle for me, I havent been dependant on someone else to feed me, drive me to work, get my shopping or live under their rules for a good few years, Of course they are phenomenal hosts and very very kind to us and there are no “big NO’s or odd rules with them” far from it, but it is strange living too far away from the city to walk or bus so that i have to ask someone else to get me to town…Im used to wandering back from bar work and university at random o clock. sometimes staying out and not back for days. so its something new for me.

I do love how much healthier I feel. I really have never pushed my body so hard before, Im out the house most days for about 12 hours, running after the kids all day, at the gym during my lunch breaks, in the pool everyday and then either going for another gym session or pushing myself to breaking point on the basketball court, even when i went from my heaviest to my lightest i never pushed my body this hard. Maybe because i had no fitness to push with? I now am relatively fit I can do sports and push harder, And im playing against some very talented and driven players, sometimes its 2 on 2 sometimes its full court 3 on 3 and sometimes im just out there practising in the heat on my own but i already feel my skill level going up, I need to learn to use my weight more but that will come, Im making baskets now, intercepting plays, and getting into spaces to set up shots. and when i first got here i could pretty much only move into space to recieve the ball…I plan on coming back a new person. I really do.

I move to science camp tomorrow to basically be in charge on my own, which im happy with, I think I have preapred for it, and took advice from traditonal camp feedback forms, plus my own experience on what did and didnt work. reflected on this and put it towards making this camp better, I am going into this prepared and focused, I have researched topics, facts and things to do with the kids! I have prepared a newsletter to give out to parents introducing myself, and come up with rewards and treats for the kids!! I even have my sonic screwdriver !! woo hoo! 😀

I want to thank everyone for everything. I miss many of my friends, and im excited to get back in 7 weeks or so. I hope i can come back renewed and ready for another year, Hopefully I can balance everything better this year. everyone time i hear from someone, or my mum tells me a family friend, my old boss, a colleague or indeed her, misses me I feel a well of emotion and pride that I have touched peoples life in such a way that they care. not that I didnt think I was a good person or didnt try to have a positive effect onpeople I just didnt realise I touched so many, I always wanted to make a difference, in some way, even if that was just making people smile. I guess I have been doing it all along. I usually finish with a quote but right now i wanna try and phrase soething myself…so here goes

“You can be a smart man or a good man, and while smart may bring you riches and wealth, it will never come close to the happiness on which no price can be placed. By following a path and a mindset of helping out your fellow man, by loving the people who dare to care for you. by trying to just make someone happy everyday, by just BEING in a good mood as much as possible.”

I love everyone of my friends and family dearly. I miss you all 🙂


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