A well of emotion…

So today was stressful, hard work, and even a bit of panic with 1000 kids at a giant convention between all the washington Y’s, but overall a good day, all this week because of Maxi(my host) and his involvement with the Y has meant we have been at work everyday from about 6 30am till about the same time in the evening. Then basketball till 8pm most nights!! So we have been getting up at 5 30am the past 4 days… so i am VERY excited i dont have to get up till 7 30 tomorrow!! :).

I think im over whatever was bugging me, I still ove the job i must have just had the “halfway blues” over nothing in particular. Something else got to me today though, Browsing through my photos i found my iphone snaps, turns out a lot of photos of family, friends nights out and even the odd Ex girlfriend is in there! (HA) and i got hit by a well of emotion because I have some images of baby photos of me and my grandfather. I mentioned before i wouldnt behalf the man I am today/I am becoming if it wasnt for him. I loved him dearly and i understand everyone dies and moves on. and in all honesty, when he died, I was glad he was no longer suffering, and how it happened and everything that surrounded that whirlwind two weeks, was poignant and actually pretty beautiful and he was just so happy even at the end. I cried tears of happiness, same thing tonight, just a couple, more like “tears in my eyes” than sobbing my heart out. I cant owe him thanks enough for everything he taught me. Always do your best, and thats all that can be asked, thats what im trying to do here. As well as just seize every moment. I made the decision to come here a few weeks before he died, Im gutted i didnt bring his ring with me, as i’d have loved for a part of him to make it overe here, but i just didnt trust myself to keep it safe if im being honest!!

But then again, I made it here didnt i? Im a lot like him, more than i realise, his humour and mannerisms are embedded so deep into me …and im glad, if i grow up to be half the man he was then il be deeply proud of myself.

this has to be one of my favourite photos ever. I remember that day so vividly its scary….

Anyway wandering down memory lane over…

Things are good here, a lovely letter from camp america today has informed me i can get everything next year paid for for roughly the same cost as what my medical insurance cost me this year, Its an insane difference in price with some other added perks like all the pocket money goes to me, the camp doesnt pay any extra fees if i arrange my own travel etc. so yeah pretty awesome 🙂 works out im saving about 800 pound before Iv even started, so even if i had to get visa’s or any extra im stil lmaking major savings!! 🙂

anyway guys this post may have been pointless but wanted to put something up. its weird to think il be home in exactly 5 weeks….

Much love!


~ by conorstrife on July 29, 2011.

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