This month is more than just Movember.

So Halloween is behind us, and winter is approaching fast, weather has taken a severe dip, the nights are getting darker and university and college work is starting to pile up in time for exams.

A lot happens this month, Tomorrow its Guy Fawkes night, there’s a lot of people growing moustaches (men and women )to promote and raise money for prostate cancer awareness and general raise the issue us men are to manly and should see the doctor more often, including our own Anna forrest who is taking advice and style tips in exchange for donations for her penned on moustache!

Theres one other thing that’s going to be going on this month, Heriot watt is launching its “fight back” and campaign on fees, were a small but dedicated group, including elected officers, the president and exec with the help from some staff and some other volunteers we will be about throughout the month talking to students, through lecture shouts, over quiet drinks, on the bridge link and through email and any other means we can think of.

Fees have been announced for RUK students, (REST OF UK) and that doesn’t mean we need to stand for it, as elected officers we have a duty to fight for all our students and make sure they get the best deal. while I and everyone else outright oppose fees, we must do our best to get everyone aware of the situation , motivated and to some degree involved to give us a stronger case, to give us clout and strength with the university, We must also make sure that when these fees come into effect, that this extra revenue benefits students, that we can salvage a plus out of this, that we ensure an equal amount goes back into redeveloping front facing services, as well  as IMPROVING LEARNING AND TEACHING and of course going back into widening access. Which is providing, grants, support, scholarships and funding programs that effect students from the poorest background who will be hit hardest by these fees. We must ensure our university does not go down a road of only for the rich, it is a poor and offensive dated opinion that does not stand or apply these days, people should be at university because of ability and intelligence not financial ability. University is the pursuit of higher education, a better life. Something our government seems to have forgotten.

For people still reading the blog who may or may not know whats going on with fees I will give you a quick run down of whats happening NEXT year for incoming RUK students at Heriot Watt.

No student pays more than £27,000 for a 4 year degree (still some issues to be taken pertaining around 5 year Beng and master etc)
Bigger focus on tailoring degrees so students from England can enter at 2nd year level with ABB grades.

– we must make sure that this doesn’t affect Scottish students, that in altering degrees to tailor to students brining in more money we do not create a two tier system in which one set of students is more important, It’s great news we will be looking to improve the 2nd year experience for direct entry but we must also remember Scottish students come through a different system and 1st year should always be an option as it is a very pivotal adjustment and integration phase for new students.

students studying a 4 year degree will get a fee waver over their 4 years, meaning they will pay £6, 750

or £9,000 if doing a 3 year degree (direct entry) of course the money they will be saving is one year of living costs.

also a bursary for anyone with a household income under £46K (which is actually a rather high threshhold, and one of the better bits of news)

So these issues need to be made aware to students,we as officers n to hold the university to account as well as ourselves, we need to challenge as well as work in partnership, and fight tirelessly to get students the best deal.

That is why this month I and others will be out pounding the pavement, and talking till we lose our voices. So if you see us, please don’t run away let us have a chat, maybe you wanna get involved. Because i do this because i love it, I do this because it’s the greatest feeling being apart of something bigger than yourself and feeling like you did your part, I feel a moral obligation to stand up and fight for what i think is wrong, and I always believed if I don’t, then who does? and I don’t expect every student to care as much nor as passionately as me, but I do believe every student can help in some small way .Even if that is just filling out our “How would you spend 27k” note. Which is a fun little way we have come up with to get students involved with our campaign.

Thanks for listening, see you on the campaign trail.

“How Will Rest Of UK pay?”


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