30 day drawing challenge.

So even though life is a bit crazy at the moment, I find myself having sporadic pockets of boredom with not much else to do, and after creating a “stumbleupon” and taking my first jaunt into the wilderness of random searching. I “stumbled upon” a “30 day drawing challenge” which can be found here”http://www.susieday.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/30dayDrawingChallenge.jpg”

I decided this was a good idea, and for the duration of the month I will be uploading an Image a day. Now be warned, I do not claim to be any good at art, my talent has always sprung from drawing what i see rather than being some creative wizard that can draw from memory or make stuff up. I have always in my own opinion sucked at drawing real people. So this fun little challenge will for me anyway. Be an experiment and attempt to improve my skills. I think uploading it daily to my blog will give me motivation to stick with it. If nothing else it will give people a laugh at how badly I suck. I will post a Image of each drawing along with a photo of the original thing (if applicable) as some drawings are to be completly abstract.

Anyway enough of the words, because these pictures tell a thousand ;).

Also if anyone else wants to join in, please feel free!!
Day 2 – draw your favourite animal.(I started this officially on sunday and now its monday so this is me killing two birds one stone so to speak)


original image

DAY 1- a drawing of yourself. (Click image to see the whole thing!)

Decided I wanted to draw from a photo of myself that I liked, I toyed with the idea of drawing myself as a kid but thought that would be too easy. Instead I used a rather recent photo and one of the very few where im centered and on my own in the photo. Slightly out of proportion but I want to upload first attempts only.

original image

"Why so serious?"


~ by conorstrife on November 21, 2011.

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