Day 3, 4 – 30 day drawing challenge(UPDATED)

23/11/2011 EDIT: day 4 has been added and will appear above day 3. (apologies i was comatose recovering from a essay deadline and was asleep for pretty much alll of yesterday).

today was to draw your favourite place, I spent a long time thinking about this and really couldnt find a tangible favourite place, nowhere that really stuck out, then i realised it never said anything about it being grounded in reality, so I took a dive into into all things otherworldly from gaming to books, and I instantly thought of the one place I come back to year on yeasr since i was 7 years old. FINAL FANTASY 7. Midgar. Yes my youth, Oh how I know the streets and setting and characters set in that game. Beooing sucked in by the politics, ongoing war between good and evil, by corporation and the poor, funnily enough slightly reminiscent of the current “99% movement” at the moment, A game that still sits in my number 1 spot and even after all these years the cut scenes still give my goosebumps and the game drags me back in and I fell like a kid again. I becomee immersed, and its ridiculously fun (and hence why fans still cry out for a remake now). so what better to draw than something that clearly is a special place to me (and millions of other fans).

so without further introduction a sketched and then touched up version of midgar. (I ran out of room to finish hinra tower but overall Im rasther pleased with it.)

Im also going to upload to Images to each blog post so people arent seeing the same blog post republished every day!
(plus it ups my post count 😉

...And it draws me back time and time again.

the much nicer, original poster (this makes a phenomenal wallpaper too!)

Still looks great all these years later.

22/11/2011 day 3: Todays challenge was to draw your “favourite food”. I honestly found it much harder to decide on my favourite food than actually draw it.

I love to cook, more so for other people, like a girlfriend or friends, than for myself. I think it is something about our family that we love to throw a good party, to make people happy and provide “good service” that gives us a bit of a kick out of being host. I am not saying I would take 1st prize at come dine with me, but I know my night would certainly be the most fun!

"His food got an 8 but his patter gets him a perfect score" - Janice Dickson - washed up cougar.

I decided in the end that lasagne had to be the dish of choice! A family staple from my younger years and something I still get treated too when I pop home for family meals. It is a classic, and its amazing, Home made of course, red wine, garlic and a touch of Lee and Perrins in the ragu are musts! as well as plenty of cheese on the top!
So this one takes it because of all the awesome family memories it brings back, and how i was taught that being able to cook a ragu can end up becoming several different dinners over several nights. A total life saver when your a student on a budget!

10/10!(for the food not the drawing) – I also threw in some “surreal” garlic bread on account of how squiggly it is 😉

Day 3 – favourite food.

Day 3 - favourite food.

as a bonus I have even thrown in a recipe for lasgane, It is similar to the phenomenal home made meal I had made for me on my by my host family on my penultimate night before leaving America. It was STUNNING, Italain sausaage and ricotta cheese. totally worth the 3 month wait for my host family to cook a meal for me 😉 .


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