A poem

A Poem

A fair maiden I did meet
Hair of Amber, the smell so sweet
skin as white as snow
My breath she did take upon first glance
My heart she took upon the second
and not by chance

I looked into eyes of blue
like oceans, sapphires so deep and bright
speckled grey
the shade of tempered steel and starlight

My heart a flutter
my breath now caught
“sweet love, sweet love
your name” I thought

A month did pass like frozen moments
upon reflection were so golden
my soul you filled with such content
to make you smile was only ever my intent

I travelled south to meet you thrice
took a chance, rolled the dice
no regret do I bear
with moments we shared there

Looks may wane and bodies age
but for ones true love, their beauty never fades

In these lines I write a fraction of my love
for you sweet lady I declared above

I have never wrote poetry before, but I’ve been watching a lot of “Don’t Flop” (They have some sick rappers on their with amazing lyrical talent check them out here!) http://www.youtube.com/user/DontFlop/videos . I have been listening to the very talented “Jamie Dewolf” and “Mark Grist” both people ALL of you need to listen too!Seeing their work, and being a little loved up at the moment I decided to give it a try, Some of my lines are certainly too long, Not all of it rhymes but I’m happy with it. It expresses exactly what I wanted to say. I think it is something I will do from time to time, Who knows maybe next I’ll start spitting rhymes (If only).

Yours faithfully

Conor Murray-Gauld


~ by conorstrife on April 7, 2012.

3 Responses to “A poem”

  1. I really adore this poem! You have a old school feel but laced with romance. Very well done especially for your first poem!

    • Why thank you! The lady i wrote it for was over the moon, Its all true and kinda a mini story of how we met. Hopefully I will try to write about other things if it takes my fancy!

  2. If you had fan girls they’d be screaming just now ;P xo

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