“So, what’s your story?”

For any regular viewers of my blog you will know that this month has consisted of me doing a plethora of reviews during the fringe as well as spending a hefty amount of time chatting to acts. Included in that have been some fantastic poets and rappers, I even got to meet the “cast” of rap battle league “Don’t Flop”. A wonderful pleasant bunch of guys who really have some sick talents with words.

The reason I tell you all this Is I have ended up in a few clubs on my nights off (usually Opium) and one night I saw something that caught my eye…. It go inside my head and i just couldn’t shake it, it made me think, It made me want to write about it. I shook it off but ever since that night it has been praying on my mind and finally after seeing Mark Grist and Soul battle on saturday night. I cam home and put “pen to paper”.

Essentially I saw a female patron of the club dancing, her attitude, body language and the way she dance intrigued me, it was full of hate and anger. It made me think “So, what’s your story?” What turn of events led you here, to a dingy club at 3am taking your fury out on the world via the dance floor. It wasn’t just the dancing, she seemed to own the dance floor, It felt like everyone was staring and she knew it.

This is my second  ever attempt at poetry, I am committed to keep sharing this suff good or bad because I think its great for people to tap into any bit of creativity they have had and share it, after all that’s exactly what the Fringe festival was created around. This has plagued my mind for the past weeks, It’s itching to be put out there. Enjoy.

“So, what’s your story”

Fear, rage and anger all boil out
What happened to you love?
How did it all come about?

Did someone mistreat you, ruin your life?
Or did it all just go wrong , at the cruel turn of a knife.

On the dance floor its all swagger
as you stomp to the beat
everyone around you has to watch their feet!

That look on your face
screamed “don’t mess with me mate”
you probably accept the assumptions they make
because your tattooed and pierced
you’re some sort of reprobate.

I see how you neck your drink
and it makes me think
what is it about you
that makes me want to know how you tick

Maybe I’m over thinking
looking too deep
when it’s actually you like the music
and the booze is just so cheap

There is no family problems
no deep dark past
just some girl at the club
who completely kicks ass

This isn’t some sort of love poem
Far from that in fact
Just something about her made me want to stop
and take a step back

Inspiration hit me, like a bolt from the blue
made me want to come over
and just talk to you.

I didn’t do that
Instead I came home
with you on my mind
no, no, not like that
something about you just caught my eye
you sparked something in me that felt raw and real
evoked thoughts of fire brimstone
and the clash of cold hard steel.

So this poem I dedicate to you
’cause of that strange dance that you do.

Feel free to leave any comments on here or tweet me @conor_strife

Conor Murray-Gauld.


~ by conorstrife on August 27, 2012.

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