Show me your pokerface.

Little over a year ago a friend of mine started up a poker night in my local Bar/place of work (one and the same). I would later find out it was one of many in the area that are part of the “Nuts poker league” a very clever franchise that was made famous by “Dragon’s Den” (whose creator promptly told the dragons to ram their offers!)

Without getting bogged down in too much detail It’s a basic league system that allows continual play every week that gives points for what position you finish in while playing “No Limit Texas Hold’em” (a type of poker). Usually there is a cash prize for finishing in one of the top spots every week. This happens in every venue and the top players in every venue get a spot at the regional league at the end of each season, and then some of those winners get national seats. It’s a hugely popular thing now, no longer do you have to be in  the dark back room of casino or a huge poker star with a million dollar bank roll to get involved.

The reason I tell you this is because I have become a bit of a fan/player. It is a combination of psychology, tactics, luck, bravado and skill to play and win. It’s been a great experience and it is pretty awesome seeing yourself develop as a player as you play against different people. The chance to win trophies and cash is just an added bonus. I take satisfaction in the company….and occassionally the pride of winning (mostly).

A close group of us started playing home games once every month or so, these are private games, usually all day an all night with lots of alcohol and food and always a great atmosphere (and usually STILL cheaper than a night out in Edinburgh). After several of these nights I felt It was time I hosted one and waned to get a quality table top that would last and be comfortable to play on. My friend suggested a company by the name of “Mcpoker custom tables”. They designed to spec, from the basic to the grand. I had heard that custom was the same price if not a little more expensive than the cheap nasty ones you get off the net but the quality was a lot better.

I thought it would be a great Idea so I dropped Michael McCarron (the boss you might say) an email enquiring into his services. I wanted a sleek black racetrack design with a simple white logo in the center on a smooth playing surface that would fit around 10/12  people.
What I got was a beautiful table, high quality, sturdy and just down right pretty to look at poker table. It features a “suited” speed cloth that cards just glide over. A solid frame that supports people’s weight with a comfortable foam padded “arm rest”. The print work on the logo is visually very appealing and when I hosted my very first poker night the table fit my specifications perfectly (we had an absolute blast).

Essentially if you are looking for anything custom-built (or even bog standard) Mcpoker tables are professional and personable, able to work within budget and no ask is too much. They have a great portfolio of work (including mine) on their website. I would highly recommend them and their services. This blog is a small plug as a thank you to their wonderful work, but don’t just believe me see their work in the pictures provided, or better yet get in touch and get your own made!



Twitter: @McPOKERtables

So if you are a poker newbie or a seasoned pro and you want to get something to make your home games just that bit more “woo” and elicit coo’s of admiration from your friends then get in touch, like the FB page, tweet @ their twitter or just save the name for when you finally cave and decide to go custom!

Finally best of luck to any new or “vet” poker players planning on getting involved! There are literally hundreds of venues across the country (in the UK at least) on pretty much every night of the week!

My local venue is City Limits, Edinburgh every Monday and Friday 8pm (All welcome).

If you are interested in getting involved the website with all the information, leagues and venues  is :

“May the cards be with you”

Conor Murray-Gauld


~ by conorstrife on September 14, 2012.

2 Responses to “Show me your pokerface.”

  1. NIce table. I play in the redtooth poker league, similar to yours I guess, and blog about it. Have a read if you get a chance? GL

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