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For many people Education  is a second chance, It gives people oppurtunities to become not just more skilled bu have more oppurtunities, not just for themselves but for their families. College Is a second chance for students who are shut out of education or never reach the doors of it in the first place. They are a vital services that transform lives, My family benefited from my parents being able to go back. Many of my closest friends have had amazing life changing experiences becuase of the oppurtunity colleges offered

I want a fair education system for when my siblings grow up, so they can access whatever form of education they want. I want colleges protected because of the social good they provide that everyone benefits from. We protected free education for scottish students, we won the battle on greater student support, and last year we absolutely completely and utterly convinced the government that college student support should not cut and that not only students but the public would not stand for it, with an astonishing 80,000 emails flooding MSP’s Inbox and storming the political and social agenda.

This year colleges face another 34 million pound cut to teaching, that will effect frontline services that directly affects students. It will mean the possible closure of courses, cut back in staff hours and even affect the level of qualification some students could end up with, Pasrt time places have een slashed, college admissions are down 26% for women and the regionilasation agenda puts many of our colleges in dark situations.

You have the power to change this! Like always we have won soooo many times. We have spoken up for the voiceless, not just as a student movement but a movement with family, friends, loved ones and comrades all believing in the awesome oppurtunities and vital part colleges play in creating futures fr people with none.
I invited everyone to come sign this petition. Many of my friends have benefited from education directly. And I can almost gurantee almost everyone else is affected in some other way positiviely. So I ask you to sign up to the
 Website (stick in your instituation or other if you have left uni (or if you want to align yourself with the institution you did study at thats ok too!!)

MSP’s have until monday to vote against the cut and after that your signatures will flood their emails and be a key part of our campaign to ensure colleges are funded and protected to continue the work they do. Thank you for sticking with me.

In solidarity

Conor Muray-Gauld


~ by conorstrife on December 8, 2012.

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