Tis the season to be healthy….falalalala lalalala

So some of you who may have me on facebook will have noticed I’m on a bit of a health kick. Yes folks you did hear me right, I am going on a diet/lifestyle change this festive period.

‘Madness!’ I hear you cry… well no, here is my reasoning and I’ll even explain why I have turned this into a blog post.

Many of you will know that I lead a pretty hectic lifestyle, between my two elected positions, my two part time job and a full time university course (3rd year no doubt) I spend a lot of time travelling at events, studying or working. (I might only be a volunteer but my elected positions keep me on my toes). I don’t really have days off if i’m being honest but thats ok, For the most part I like it like that. I think I am a slight workaholic.

It’s not a very condusive lifestyle for people who love the gym or want to keep fit by its very nature and even if it wasn’t for the fact I have no time (or energy) to go to the gym being on the road and the go almost all day every day leads to bad diet choices (sometimes out of either fast food now or starve all day sort of choices). So exams are over and I’m working full time in GAME so now is the time i have decided I have a lull to get my ass back in gear and try to get a healthy routine, not just getting to the gym and exercising but a matra of eating right for a healthier mind body and soul. I’m putting this online because it’s another step of commitment because I really damn want this, I’ve done this before and seen positive results, my time in the states was high intensity job wiith lots of physical exercise and gyming in warm weather for an entire summer, And I had never looked better, unfortunatly the upkeep was unrelaistic coming back to the chaos of my normal everyday life.

This is an attempt to fix that, people in general have a habit of not looking after numero uno especially when it comes to health, Sabbatical officers and even elected volunteers are worse for it, wether its the responsibility of the job or just the pressure and focus that comes with it we have a tendancy to forget about us (though we seem to spend all our time fighting for the best for others and telling other people to look after themselves).  A friend of mine posted a blog on the matter not long ago It was interesting to see just how many sabbs and officers (and staff) who all agreed they don’t take nearly as much time as they should to keep themselves fighting fit. So this here is my declaration of intent broken down into some easy goals I will bulletpoint below. I will be documenting my progress over the next 6 weeks, but I will also be imparting knowledge, recommendations, uploading hilarious photos of me a mess after the gym and possibly fod ideas and recipes. In some hope it benefits someone else, or this blog encourages YOU. To remember and take time to keep yourself healthy in all aspects, spend time with loved ones and take a moment to relax. Even if its jut long enough to take a deep breath, It makes the world of a difference (honest).

With that in mind spare a thought for me this festive season while you tuck into booze and mince pies i’ll be off the sauce and eating fruit!
Maybe it’s time some of you think about starting that new years resolution a few weeks early?

My instructor is a a personal trainer with 14 years experience, an absolute good health encyclopedia who doesnt just give you a workout or shout at you to run faster but builds up a picture of your life and slots in how to make it better not just for the 6 weeks, but build good habits to last a life time, and it shows in his clients I have met and spoke with. VERY EXCITING! I now have a work plan and food diary to work towards That  I mut document If I want to hit my targets!


If you want to understand the sort of extremes this workou regime is today after my first session I actually was physically sick (not helped by my lack of sleep and food before my session but alas a lesson for next time).


So its out with cheerios and in with the oats, out with my bread (This makes me whince unbelievable) and In with chicken and fresh spinach. Down with eating a full meal at 1am and a change to grazing small meals all day long with lots of healthy exercise and SLEEP in between.

In 6 weeks I plan too:

Lose around 1 stone and 5 pounds.

get my lean % body weight up. Increase my muscle mass

Improve my core strength, flexibility, cardio and conditionung.

Make positive dietary changes that will have long term effects on my health and build good habits!

Ultimate dream would be a six pack but lets take baby steps ehh?


Wish me luck!!


~ by conorstrife on December 19, 2012.

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