Spartan Race

This is the first post in a long time but it is an important one.

I will be running ‘The Spartan Race’ on September the 15th in Edinburgh. I will be running this event in aid of a special needs school in Edinburgh called Oaklands.

The aim is to help them fundraise towards many of the expensive equipment needed to cater for the different needs of the children that go there.

The staff do a some amazing work and work across the spectrum with some truly wonerful kids.

My little cousin is autistic and the work of the staff at oaklands has had a massive impact on the quality of his life and social ineractions. It has become a safe haven away from home and somewhere he looks foward to going to. For anyone who has had contact with autistic people that is a hugely important and rare thing for many of them to feel.

I want to do something good to give back to a school and staff that work so hard with so many children with difficult backgrounds.

So I decided I would put myself through a grueling 5k obstacle course. Now while the run doesn’t sound very difficult to begin with I can assure you some of these obstacles are pretty tough, from pits of ice cubes to men with big double ended staffs that clobber you as you run past. It won’t be easy and I won’t pretend I amn’t a little terrified I won’t break an ankle. However it is in aid of charity so I will have to grit my teeth and do my best!

Below is a donate button that links to paypal, and and all donations no matter how small will be greatly appreciated and make a huge difference to the quality of life of some of the most wonderful kids.

Thank you all in advance.

I will keep this page updated with embaressing photos of me dressed as a spartan/running the race

as well as the grand total of funds raised.

P.S check out the website for the race itself *gulp*


< >

Donate Button


~ by conorstrife on September 4, 2013.

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