Well looks like im sticking with this blog, and I am rather enjoying blogging. So maybe i should let the people who are reading this know who i am because it looks like it isnt just friends reading this anymore.

My names Conor. I’m a 19 year old university student studying Information systems. I have a rather crazy and chaotic but very unique life i think. I work in GAME, my family owned bar and do several different political/volunteering roles at my university everything from being an NUS delegate for scotland (campaigns marches fee cuts etc) to being part of exec and working with the current student president. As you can imagine it takes up a lot of my time but i love it, I love being around people, talking and learning, debating and discussing its the main reason i know anything about the world. Its the most interesting way to learn, well that’s what I think anyway.

In my free time I enjoy all the normal things, reading, comic books, movies, gaming (a huge passion of mine), festivals, gigs, cooking and playingsport for fun as well a going to the gym. Im usually referred to by people as “unique” or “odd” not because i try but because I am a bit insane, I do everything with passion and always have a smile on my face. which is great when im on the campaign trail ;). I just love life, and I love people. Im easily excited and good natured. But like everyone have my irks and can have my buttons pushed!

I also love music, and i geuinely love all types, country, rap, metal, rock and 80’s pop and something from every genre inbetween, I joke that i shhould have been an 80’s kid ;).Im of the opinion that you like what you like and shouldnt have “guilty pleasures” I don’t care if you dont like glee, thats your choice, it doesnt affect you so just let me be happy and enjoy it :).

I hope to just talk about the things that go on in my life or how i see issues affecting the world. I think my blog is off to a good start but feel free to contact me, this is just as much a place for discussion and debate as it is for me to blurt out how I am. I will always try to respond.


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